Understanding the essence of your brand and its voice is as important as deciding on a name for your first child, be it of humankind or of the animal kingdom. Seriously!


A bold statement, perhaps, but we’ll explain.


Your brand is your metaphorical child. You birth the idea, then it needs your undivided attention, often sending you into tears, sleepless nights and levels of stress you never thought were possible. Trust us, we’ve all been there.  


Once you're through that stage, the next part is teaching your ‘business baby’ to walk without you. Your voice, your message, your teachings and what you stand for all provide the foundations of this life that is your brand.


How it’s interpreted by your customers is a direct reflection of how you’ve crafted your message and instilled the distinctive elements that will help it be unique, stand strong among others, and freely express its personality.


And, just like anything newly born, you need to watch closely, guide, nurture, add new ideas and ways of communicating things to help it become independent in its world.


You need to recreate. To reinvent. Tell a new story.


As you evolve in business, your brand should evolve with you.


We can build and evolve this story with you, so your business ‘entity’ becomes comfortable in its skin while attracting customers who truly love who you are and what you offer.


Isn’t that what we want for our babies?


They say it takes a village to raise a child. We say it takes emotionally intelligent marketing to raise a brand.


Begin the journey here.



strategy & Execution





The bee does not arrive, until the flower blossoms. Our consulting arm is the fertiliser to your garden.


Except... we smell better!


Consulting, especially in marketing nowadays, is such a broad term so let us break it down for you.  


The EQ team can help you understand, navigate and wisely manage the strategic elements of marketing in the following key areas:


Marketing strategy

Digital strategy

Social media strategy

Social media execution & management

Digital advertising Campaign development, implementation and management


These are the fundamental aspects that work harmoniously to communicate your distinctive brand story – faster, to the right people, with fewer holes in your pocket.


Think you could use our brains?


An elephant never forgets.


They have remarkable recall power, which helps them survive in the wild.


They have poor eyesight, but they never forget a face. And, they can distinguish between humans who were kind and ones who were not.


It’s the essence of an entity they read and interpret, which is what your customers perceive in milliseconds when they encounter your business and brand.  


Good design makes a powerful and lasting impression on its audience, and that’s a tough thing to achieve in the ‘zoo’ of competition and sameness. And, it’s getting harder.  


We create design that is unforgettable. Design that helps your business survive in the wild and distinguish you from the rest.


Our design services include branding, web design, print, integrated campaign collateral, social media and more.


Help me become unforgettable



The sixteenth century Japanese tea master, Sen no Rikyū (1522 – 91), transformed 'wabi-cha' into a spiritual and ceremonious event concentrating on the ideas of harmony, respect, simplicity and tranquility.


Wabi-cha is based on principles of simplicity, especially in places where human communication and the sharing of experiences occurs.


When you tell your business story, it’s like gathering people around for a cup of tea and a discussion of interest. You’d like their respect, so you create a harmonious environment where they can absorb it all without coming away baffled.


You share from a place of wanting to inspire others, from your truth and values, in a way that keeps others engaged so they’re clear about who you are and why you do what you do.


Wherever you share your business story, be it in the digital sphere or otherwise, it requires simplicity, creativity and harmony so your key themes and messages are able to resonate deeply with your customers in an environment that most suits them.  


Using wabi-cha concepts, we wrap our creative minds around your business story and weave words in ways your customers will listen.  


Our copywriting and content marketing talent will help set you apart – even make you unforgettable – to the ideal loyal few who will carry the torch for your business and bring others to your door.    


Combined with great design, strategy and delivery through the most appropriate channels for your audience, it’s how and where you tell your story that has the most powerful effect.  


Lost for words? Let us help.



Thinking outside the box with your brand requires frequent reinvention and creativity. 

Particularly now, more than ever before, great branding is the thing that will help you command your worth in the marketplace. Who wants to play the price war game? With branding brilliance, you won’t have to. 

This is where the EQ team really shines. We delve deep into your brand identity by examining all the pieces that make it unique – how you speak to your customers, which styles and colours to use to support your marketing messages, clarifying your values and vision – even personifying your ideal customers to help you connect with them more effectively.


​We get crystal clear on the emotional drivers that influence people to buy your wares, then develop all the brand elements around them and your business objectives. 

The modern consumer needs to know why they should care about you and how you can make their lives better, at a glance. 

Sound simple? Well, we can make it look simple to your customers, but it’s a process. We can make your brand look and sound great, in a way that’s meaningful to the right people. 

We translate 'love at first sight' into 'let's go on a date' for your customers. 

This is the power of great branding.   


Could you use some branding brilliance?  Let’s talk about it.