We’re a bunch of marketing renegades – the outcasts, the ones that jumped off the 'agency' ship with our hearts on our sleeves and a few tales of disenchantment to tell.


We believe that you’re more than just a project number. We know there’s a better way of producing great work in the complex marketing arena without the need to manipulate markets and be a bossy pants in going about it all.  


People make emotional decisions before they make logical ones. Our team are true connectors – the listeners, the ones who stand in your shoes as a business leader, who spend time to truly understand your customers before throwing dollars at the advertising juggernauts, and who speak to you in plain language, not marketing malarkey.


This is emotionally intelligent marketing.


Collectively, we draw on over two decades of business and marketing experience – we’re a professional group of co-creative leaders in our own right, bringing specialist skills to you and your brand.


We co-create together and independently in the areas of:


  • Marketing strategy

  • Brand development

  • Website development

  • Content management

  • Copywriting

  • SEO

  • Google Adwords

  • Social media strategy and implementation

  • Social media management


Tenille Bentley



Our collaborative team was chosen by Tenille, who knows a wee-little-bit about this space.

She won awards recognised by the Prime Minister called The Australian Leadership Award and was picked by The Australian Financial Review as one of the top 100 Women of Influence.

The Governor inducted her into the WA Women's Hall of Fame, then she became a finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year.  

She was also one of the top 3 in the Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards. This was in recognition for her work in digital media building a multi million dollar agency in under two years and her philanthropic work throughout the ownership of her global charitable organisation.  

Tenille has sat on some of Australia's most prestigious boards as a non-executive director, often as the youngest and only woman. Over the years she has advised and governed some of Australia's largest brands in the early adoption years of social and digital media.

As a professional keynote speaker, Tenille has presented across the globe, educating others in the area of leadership, marketing, digital, creativity and innovation. Throughout this time she has spent one on one time with the great minds of Richard Branson, Oprah, Deepak Chopra, John Demartini, Don Miguel Ruiz and many other conscious business leaders.


Gifted as she is in turning her hand successfully to anything she takes on, Tenille  has also authored two books – 'Digital Consciousness', which was supported by The Heartmath Institute, Dr John Demartini and Dr Bruce Lipton, and a children's emotional literacy book 'Jazzy, Pinky & The Energy Ball'.


Tenille is also a prolific multi-instrumentalist, singer and frequency musician.

Sarah Haslam

Copywriting Genius

If you're in business and have lots to say but are unsure how to say it with precision and impact, I can help.

Or, you may already be a word whiz and simply need that oracle’s eye to ensure it’s polished and publish-ready.


Well-crafted copy that connects your products and services to the right customers is not just the cherry-on-top or the ‘nice to have’ in the maze of content clutter.

It’s essential.

Start with words – they are the backbone of your business body.


Like a giraffe in the wild, your words need to stand tall to get the juiciest leaves from the tree – words that entice without the hyped-up sales-waffle; words that engage and ultimately sell.

It’s my genuine mission to help your business master its voice and deliver messages powerfully—to capture your audience and progressively motivate them to action. I get a huge kick from helping you sell through well-crafted words. For real!


My methodology


Being heard is a fundamental human need and listening is a core component of my methodology, both on and offline. I dig deep into your 'reason for being' and draw on existing customer data with a clear process—often revealing ways of reaching niche markets that may never have been considered. The resulting copy becomes super relevant: it speaks directly to customers and addresses their needs while being true to your brand and business objectives. Let me help you graze at heights others can’t.


Lili Santos

Social Media Marketing

Lili Santos 

The Social Media & Digital Marketing "Fairy"

Lili is a business owner, juggling mum and Startup Business Coach. 

In 2014 while enjoying a prosperous corporate career for over 13 years in sales and management roles with several successful global brands, Lili's entrepreneurship abilities were activated while finishing her degree in Management and Marketing. 

She realised that after spending far too many years managing an office that she was ready to birth and build a business of her own. That year Lili said enough is enough and started manifesting her dreams and minding her own business.

Since then, Lili used her skills to grow the sales of her Shop in Perth - WA. She has also created her own successful brand of Herbal Tonics & Exotic Elixirs. 

Her passion for entrepreneurship and business led her to specialise in marketing digital  & Social Media. 


What Lili is good doing?

She supports businesses and brands to achieve and validate their goals on the Internet. 

Specialist in Strategic Marketing, Digital Business Management and Social Media for Business with over 5 years of experience. My background includes national and international courses on Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Inbound, Management. Among my clients are companies with the most varied profiles: e-commerces, marketplaces, startups and entrepreneurs.

"I love what I do!
I experience the power of Digital and its metrics in my daily life"

Lili's purpose is to provide no BS. Bit sized Social Media + Marketing Strategy for time poor businesses that need SOS help with Social Media and Boring Biz stuff.

Become a giraffe.